Dan Brown has a penchant for weaving a story. On the basis of some facts and adding a whole lot of fiction, he manages to narrate a story which is equal parts intriguing and equal parts believable. There are many writers who have adopted this style but Dan Brown still rules the genre. The books are extremely well-researched and it is full of those hidden clues and ancient mythical groups which are said to still exist. Over the years, we have seen the character Robert Langdon translated on screen and it was a better experience to actually see all those places we read about. As Inferno gets ready to be screened in theatres, here are some little-known facts about the book, the movie and some more.

The story

The story starts with Robert Langdon waking up with no memory of the past 36 hours and on the run from the law. He is on the hunt for a weapon which is mysterious and dangerous at the same time. The clues to this weapon lie within Dante's Inferno.

About Inferno - BookMyShowFact from fiction

It is surprisingly fictional that we are going towards overpopulation at the rate which is shown in the book. And so are some of the quotes which are “taken from Inferno” by Dante. There are a lot of references to Dante’s journey to Hell, and those are facts.  The Consortium are also a real group.

This time it's global destruction

In the previous books, although they spanned some interesting destinations, the threat was not global annihilation. This time the secret they are hunting might just bring about the end of the world as we know it.

About Inferno - BookMyShowThe third book to be converted

The makers decided to skip The Lost Symbol and jump to Dan Brown’s latest novel starring Robert Langdon. The project was named Headache while it was under production as an ode to the one Robert feels at the beginning of the movie.

The duo are reunited

Throughout the series Ron Howard graced the director’s chair and Tom Hanks donned Robert Langdon’s coat. And they are back in this movie, too, in their respective roles.

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