While Marvel and DC continue their battles for the ultimate shared cinematic universe supremacy, there is another shared cinematic universe that is making its way to the top. In 2014, when The Lego Movie released and everything was awesome. This year they are expanding the universe with The Lego Batman and going far east to the end of Ninjago. The beauty of these movies is that there can be a Dalek in Gotham and Batman can be very well fighting Thanos when he is not busy obsessing over Joker.

The Lego Ninjago - BookMyShowThe Lego Ninjago is a toy series that was launched by the company to give their line a far-eastern touch and make way for some martial arts action. These toys are all ready to make their Hollywood debut. The story revolves around Master Wu (Jackie Chan) who entrusts six teenagers, who are trained in the ninja arts, to save the city of Ninjago. The teenagers include Lloyd Garmadon (Dave Franco) the green Ninja, Kai (Michael Pena) the red Ninja, Cole (Fred Armisen) the black Ninja, Jay (Kumail Nanjiani) the blue Ninja, Zane (Zach Woods) the white Ninja and Nya (Abbi Jacobson) the water Ninja. Incidentally, the big bad guy they are fighting is none other than Lord Garmadon (Justin Theroux) who is none other than Lloyd's dad ("Lloyd, I am your father" sequence is a must).

The Lego Ninjago - BookMyShowThe trailer looks fantastic with Taylor Swift's Bad Blood playing in the background. The enmity between the father and son is strong with this one. The Ninjas look like a mix between Power Rangers and Transformers with their giant suits and multi-colored names. As with the previous installment, the movie is full of clever meta-humor and the puns just keep getting better. This movie is not the first adaptation of the toy line. Since 2011, there has been an animated series titled Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, which has fleshed out the backstories and the adventures of these six Ninjas. There is also a 2016 short film titled The Master starring Master Wu.

The Lego Ninjago - BookMyShowThe Lego-style animation is a thing now, which keeps getting better as they have built so much with a bunch of blocks. Written by the Hageman Brothers, who also wrote the animated series and co-wrote The Lego Movie, it is surely going to be another block-buster of the franchise. 

Are you as excited for The Lego Ninjago movie as we are? If you have missed the trailer, watch it below and watch this space for more information and the review.