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Everything You Will Learn From the Logan Trailer

We have been anticipating the third and the final installment of the Wolverine series, which has not just boosted the X-Men franchise but also had been the only origin series of its kind until the Marvel Cinematic Universe came along. It has been a good run and now its time to bid adieu to perhaps the most loved character of the series. 
The trailer is finally out and it answers a lot of questions the poster raised. The background track 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash is apt for the scenes we see on the screen. It seems a little different than the previous editions and also different from the other superhero movies. Here are some things we learnt from the trailer:

Set in the Future
Logan Trailer - BookMyShowThe mutants are on the verge of extinction and we see Professor X in a bad shape. We also see Professor X and Logan on a road trip. That is going to be fun.

Female Wolverine
Logan Trailer - BookMyShowWe hear Professor X saying that the child we see in the trailer is much like Wolverine. This might just be the entry of the female Wolverine/X- 23. This might be a good character for the future X-Men series.

Logan Getting Old
Logan Trailer - BookMyShowWe see the scars not quite healing. Logan has lived a long life and he has seen a lot but he does have one more fight left in him.

Another Claw-bearer
Logan Trailer - BookMyShowWe see Logan fighting with another person with claws. It can be Female Wolverine or it can be his son.

There are a bunch of other mutants like Caliban and mutant-haters like Pierce who make an appearance and they might play an important part. We can't wait for March when this movie finally will hit the theaters.