The Amazing Spider-Man 2

What you can expect from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

SPIDERMAN is back again to enthrall its fans with yet another visually captivating and gripping film. Sony unveiled its long extended trailer of the new Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, directed by Marc Webb, who has also directed – The Amazing Spider Man (2012) & 500 days of Summer (2009).

The trailer of the film has lots in store for its fans across the globe. The time of release is around summer 2014, which is possibly the best time to explore the genre of Superhero film combined with the flavor of breathtaking visual effects and the sultry mood of the season. But is it all about visuals and the Spiderman entity? What about the content? The plot-twist and character sketching? Will it be better than the previous Spider Man series?
Here’s what you can expect from the latest Spiderman movie.
Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker: You can’t get enough of the tall, lean and handsome Andrew Garfield, who had earlier acted in top rated Hollywood flicks like The Social Network , Never Let Me Go, The Amazing Spider Man, and the most awaited one, The Amazing Spider Man 2. He will be seen opposite Emma Stone, romancing once again as the superhero. Sally Field will once again play his nemesis, Aunt May.
The new villain ‘Electro’: Any superhero flick is highlighted in accordance to how badass the villain is! The Dark Knight series is known for the psychotic Joker and perhaps, the recent Spiderman would be heroic if the villain has all the evil the world can offer. From the trailer of the film, it does appear that Electro is capable of destroying everything by the wrath of his electric power. The trailer seems to suggest how the character of Max turns into an Electro. After falling into a pool of water, Max is brimmed with electric eels. The fateful accident leads to the emergence of the anti-hero Electro.
Jamie Foxx, in the Spiderman Flick: It’s a nice move to rope in the famous star Jamie Foxx to play the role of Max Dillion in the flick. Not only does he look very different from his earlier roles, but the flick promises to switch off monotony aside and give the audience a brand new Spider Man, saga.
Human Element in The Storyline: It’s just not about the visual flair or incredible performances. With this Spiderman series, the human element of the film seemed to have improved with the story depicting Peter’s quest to search for his identity and struggle with life as a young adult with amazing 3D effects and hearty moments.
The IMDB website reveals that the film is in its post-production stage, ready to hit the cinema halls on May, 2nd. Here’s hoping that the film creates more enthusiasm and energy among its fans.
By Sourav Chandgothia

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