Sensational dark secrets of the splendid ’60s.

"Yeh kahaani uss daur ki hai jab flimstar log, apne filmon ki tarah, larger than life the". That, is how the trailer is ‘xposed’. 
Soon after, you see a creepy and lusty Yo Yo Honey Singh, rapping away as usual. Honey Singh, is someone who can pull off the same melody a thousand times, while changing the lyrics and titles, calling them different songs.
Moving on, you are ‘xposed’ to a Himesh Reshammiya, who looks immensely emaciated.
You blink. And blink some more. Poker face.
But as I watched the three-minutes long trailer, I grinned and it only grew wider. We all know that Xpose is going to be an insane and super-cheesy film, and you might actually feel like choking yourself in a tub of popcorn. Why do I think so? Here are six reasons:

  • Himesh Reshammiya in an all-new anorexic avatar! Bollywood superstar – Ravikumar. Watch him trying hard to copy Leonardo Di Caprio from The Great Gatsby. Result: Epic fail.
  • The second attraction is of course – Yo Yo Honey Singh. He is all set for his Bollywood acting debut with Xpose. "Jitni publicity mili hai meri vajah se shukar manao, varna toh kutta bhi nahi poochta tum jaison ko iss sheher mein, jo kapdon se zyada mard badalti hain" – yes, that’s just a teaser of one of Honey Singh‘s dialogues. Maybe, Chaar bottle Vodka will help us gulp away the pain.
  • Utterly cheesy and over-dramatic dialoguebaazi. Get ready to be bombarded with repulsive dialogues like, "Tere shareer mein itna khoon nahi hoga, jitna Ravikumar ek baar mein moot deta hai" or maybe something like, "Naa dance, naa expression, naa pose – sirf expose, sirf expose." Need we say more?
  • Most of the scenes are shamelessly copied from The Great Gatsby. The party scene where there are fireworks in the sky, lavishly-dressed women dancing and the men sipping drinks wearing sharp suits and bow ties. Oh God, why?
  • The biggest vintage musical thriller!
  • The romantic number of the film – Dard Dillo Ke is soulful. But you can’t help and notice its sharp similarities with Arijit Singh‘s romantic number Tum hi ho, from Aashiqui 2. Sad, really sad.
But, there is something in this movie that makes me really curious. And I am definitely going to watch it to know more. What about you?

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