The Beauty and the Beast

Moral: It is Ok to love a person if he/she is loaded with a lot of money. Doesn’t really matter if the person is a beast, literally.

So, yes. I know a lot of people may not really agree with this but if you watch it with a bird’s eye view, you may get the point. Come on, a villager and a beastly prince? There is something really wrong here, isn’t it? The film is pretty beautiful, no doubt. A lot of emotions and a lot of love. But then, the bird’s eye view never really fails.

Fatal Attraction

Moral: Promiscuity is always in full force at the work place!

Dan and his affair with Alex, while his wife and kid are away on vacation. Again, a very intense film showing true sides of human behavior. But, what is it with the woman going crazy all the time? I am sure there are a lot of men who have done the same, if not worse. And why is it almost aways a colleague or a peer from another work place? Whatever happened to “Love thy neighbor”?


Moral: It is OK to be selfish and let the other person die because you want to be comfortable.

The plank was big enough for two people, Rose! Why did you let poor Jack die? Titanic, a film that touched hearts and broke so many during the end sequence! And all Rose did was cry – Don’t go Jack, don’t go!

The Truman Show

Moral: It is completely fine to film an entire man’s life and showcase it on National Television. Oh, and lying too!

This movie is one the most touching films that Jim Carrey has been a part off. But, what will it teach to kids? The first time I watched the film, I almost believed that I was being filmed. The only thing cool about it was that I am probably on National Television.

Most Horror Films – Even the good ones!

Moral: If there is a dark room and you know there is something weird, you HAVE to enter it. Even if you know it is sure death!

Now, this is a common thing in most horror films. There will always be a few scenes in almost every horror film that everybody knows they shouldn’t do. Yet, they go ahead with it!

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