The actors leave no stone unturned to make sure that the audience is entertained. While we enjoy their performances for the sake of our entertainment, we can never really know what they might be going through to render the best performances they can. Just like you and me, celebrities too have a personal life, and sometimes imbalance in personal and professional life may take a toll on them. Being a celebrity is not an easy job and mental illness is something that does not discriminate. Despite that, their contribution in the entertainment industry is something that cannot be neglected. Here are a few of the famous people that battled mental disorders.

Jim Carrey

Jim carrey - BookMyShowKnown for his epic comedies and responsible for our tears of laughter, Jim Carrey was among the actors who struggled with depression from time to time and overcame it. He was on Prozac for a long time, says the actor himself. Carrey believes that life is too beautiful to be wasted on drugs and alcohol. He also said in an interview that his depression was a motivator for his comedies.

Deepika Padukone 

Deepika Padukone - BookMyShowBeautiful as she is and the fame she has received so far, we cannot ignore the fact that she too suffered from anxiety and depression. While such topic is traditionally stigmatized, Deepika came out about it to media as her support for people suffering from the similar issue. After getting over depression she also said  “Accepting it and speaking about it has liberated me. I have stopped taking medication, and I hope my example will help people reach out for help.” More power to you, Deepika.     

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato - BookMyShowWhile some celebrities like to keep their health issues out of media, singer Demi Lovato used the platform to raise awareness about it. She entered into rehab when she was 17. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after struggling with bulimia and drug addiction that got her life off the track. Tearing all the stigma about mental illnesses, she also launched a campaign named Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health to help people suffering, speak about it. That takes a lot of courage.

Manisha Koirala

manisha Koirala - BookMyShowThis beauty suffered from clinical depression while she was married to her former husband Samrat Dalal. Manisha Koirala went on social media to talk about her mental state and also asked for suggestive remedies for the same. After battling cancer as well, Manisha Koirala is an inspiration for all.  

J. K. Rowling 

J. K. RowlingThe writer well know for Harry Potter series also suffered from depression. Depression hit her when her first marriage broke down just after two years.There was a time when she was so severely affected by depression that she'd wake up every morning expecting to find her baby daughter dead. Writing helped her heal from the illness, says the writer.