Yes, you read that right.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is touted to be biggest blockbuster of the year 2017 and this was said even before the first look or the trailer was released. The prequel, Baahubali: The Beginning got everyone's attention and had the entire film industry and fans worldwide talking about it for the longest time. The question on everyone's mind was 'Kattappa ne Baahubali ko kyun mara? which finally will be answered by the sequel. The Baahubali 2 trailer was launched on 16th March and within 2-3 days the trailer took the internet by storm, breaking records.

So, while the whole world is looking forward to watching the epic saga, we are petrified for the following reasons:

1. End of an epic saga

The upcoming film will bring an end to the film series that made fans wait excitedly for two years. The first part of the series changed the landscape of Indian cinema and got us hooked to the world of Baahubali and the kingdom of Mahishmati. 

And when it's time to say goodbye to this fascinating world, it is just too hard!Baahubali - BookMyShow

2. High expectations from the other films

No other Indian film will ever match the epicness that Baahubali is. Any film that is in the same genre as this magnum opus will have to be on the same level of excellence as Baahubali or it will end up disappointing us.Baahubali - BookMyShow

3. Because you would want to go Baahubali on everyone's a$$

The high-on-action scenes and the intense bloodbath in the fight scenes get you so engrossed in it that by the end of the film you just want to be taken back to the era when warriors fought with weapons for their kingdom and fight alongside them. The high-octane action scenes will make you want to destroy the next thing in your way and in most cases, your victim will most probably be your younger sibling.Baahubali - BookMyShowOkay, we admit it. Honestly speaking, we cannot wait for the film to release. The expectations are rife and we are sure that the film Baahubali 2: The Conclusion will win our hearts, just like the prequel did.Baahubali - BookMyShow


While there are fans who love this mind-blowing film, there are a few who still haven't watched it. And we totally understand why you have stayed away from the movie that has broken many records.