The moment you see these Hollywood celebrities on the silver screen or on your TV screen, the temperature starts soaring and you start melting like butter. If this is the impact they have on you, what will happen if you actually get a chance to meet them in person or be their neighbor (only if you are rich enough to buy a property next to them)? Would you totally lose it? Or would you try to stay calm and find ways to get into their circle? Or both? But before you get sucked into your fantasies, let’s help you spot the locations where these fantastic beasts reside. Then maybe, you can decide if you will be relocating to those locations or you’ll be mainly visiting them to catch a glimpse of these celebrities.

Disclaimer: The locations that you will see right now are extremely swanky. So, try not to faint or lose hope while looking at them.

Channing Tatum
Cost: $6.45 million
Specification: Cape Cod-style 6-bedroom home
Location: Beverly Hills
Zac Efron
Cost: $5.9 million
Specifications: Zen Contemporary property that comes with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Location: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

Chris Evans
Cost: $3.52 million
Specifications: 4,599 square feet, 3 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms
Location: Hollywood Hills neighborhood, Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles

John Krasinski
Cost: $6 million
Specifications: A massive 6-bedroom apartment that comes with classy details
Location: Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood, New York

Chris Hemsworth
Cost: $7.2 million
Specifications: 4.2-hectare estate boasting eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms
Location: New South Wales Coastal town Byron Bay, Australia

David Beckham
Cost: £31.5 million
Specifications: 9,000-square feet home with eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms
Location: Holland Park, West London, UK

Hugh Jackman
1) Cost: $5.9 million
Specifications: Newly-built, three-bedroom penthouse
Location: North Bondi, Sydney

2) Cost: $5.9 million
Specifications: Triplex apartment which forms up to 11,000 square feet
Location: 176 Perry Street, New York

Are you wondering when you’ll be able to make enough money to afford places like these? Well, instead of feeling bad about yourself, you can take some pointers from these places and try to redecorate your abode. If you are not in the mood for that, maybe you can plan a long stroll at these locations to remind yourself of what dreams are made of!