Fear The Walking Dead: 4 Reasons to be Excited

When The Walking Dead released, who knew it would be such a huge hit? Over five seasons, The Walking Dead’s popularity has only increased, rolling along with extraordinary ratings that look good to sustain for a whle. For the uninitiated, The Walking Dead is an American horror-drama television series, based on the renowned comic book series. The show revolves around Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who awakens from a coma to find an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies.The prequel called Fear The Walking Dead premieres in less than two weeks and we absolutely cannot wait to watch the pilot. 
Here are four reasons to watch this highly anticipated prequel.
An All New Cast
As long-time loyal fans of The Walking Dead, we are well familiar with the cast. A brand new cast not related to the comic book is bound to create a new level of excitement. The companion series stars Cliff Curtis (of Gang Related), Kim Dickens (of Deadwood), Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey (of The 100) and Elizabeth Rodriguez (of Orange is the New Black). While the old gang will be missed, the new cast sure looks promising. Excited, much?
A Brand New Story
The spin-off takes place during the same zombie apocalypse as The Walking Dead, but in Los Angeles, California. It features a dysfunctional family that struggles against civilization as the outbreaks wreaks havoc. The producers have already hinted that Fear the Walking Dead will be fast-paced and different than The Walking Dead.
There Will Be a Season 2
Another reason fans should have no fear of committing to the new show is the fact that AMC has already renewed it for a 15-episode second season that will premiere in 2016. We love the confidence.

Will Unanswered Questions Be Answered?
Remember watching The Walking Dead for the first time and looking up on the internet seeking answers to questions like how did the zombie apocalypse begin in the first place? We are not suggesting that we did not like the way the things progressed, but we surely would have liked a backstory. We definitely need answers. Don’t you?