A feel-good animated film, Ferdinand, is about a bull that's more of an oversized pet than a fierce beast.  

Director: Carlos Saldanha

Cast: John Cena, Kate McKinnon, David Tennant, Bobby Cannavale, Anthony Anderson, Gabriel Iglesias, Gina Rodriguez

Release Date: 15 December 2017 

There couldn't have been a better role for John Cena for his first voice role in a theatrically released film other than Ferdinand the Bull. Much like Cena, Ferdinand is a big guy with a soft heart. He's a giant bull who prefers to smell flowers rather than partake in the violence of bullfighting. Ferdinand is a family pet of Nina (Katie Silverman), but he's mistaken for being dangerous and taken to fight. But Ferdinand won't give up and he brings together a team that will help him get back to his family. 

The film is inspired by the children's book, The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson. But this isn't the first time this bull has been animated for the big screen. Ferdinand has been previously made into an Oscar-winning short film by Walt Disney. There's also a Swedish version that is watched every year during Christmas, which seems to have influenced this film's art and perhaps also the December release date. 

The director, Carlos Saldanha, has previously directed two Ice Age movies and both the Rio movies, so he's already shown his excellence in animated films with talking animals. Ferdinand will also feature songs by Nick Jonas

Although John Cena voices the main character in the film, there are many wonderful actors in Ferdinand. There's David Tennant of Doctor Who fame, Flula Borg who you might know from Pitch Perfect 2, or even Gabriel Iglesias who has had a part in five other animated films this year including Coco and Smurfs: The Lost Village. It even has the famous American football player, Peyton Manning, voicing a tough bull, Guapo, which translates to 'handsome' in English.  

Releasing on the same day as The Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ferdinand might be a good option for parents whose kids are too young for Star Wars. From the poster and one of the trailers, we've already seen it features a classic gag of a bull in a china shop, which makes it worth watching for that scene alone. It's also bound to have some nice messages for the kids with plenty of twists to keep the adults engaged too. If you haven't seen the Ferdinand trailer already, you can watch it below:

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