So, the bestselling novel has made it on celluloid. Get set for an hour and half of Anastasia’s ‘flushing’ and Christian Grey’s obnoxity. Fifty Shades of Grey has managed to make many a reader hot under the collar. Whether the film lives up to the expectations or not is yet to be seen. Our office is abuzz with the review predictions of Fifty Shades of Grey when somebody suggests a Bollywood remake of the film by the Bhatts! What would the desi Bhatt version of FSOG be like? Read on to find out.

The film will open to an old house, deep inside a forest, inhabited only by the desi Anastasia Steele. Her past is a shrouded mystery which can only be uncovered by the desi Grey.
The element of horror. Desi Anastasia is possessed by the ghost of one of Christian’s earlier BDSM partners.
As desi Christian Grey introduces desi Anastasia to the ‘Red Room Of Pain’, a series of erotic scenes follow. Possessed girlfriend now introduces Grey to Tantrik sex.
The background score is likely to feature Arijit Singh. What can we say about the Bhatt music, it just works!
The film will climax with the death of desi Anastasia Steele after being possessed by desi Grey’s creepy ex-girlfriend. Desi Grey will sing away his pain and mend his ways. Bye Bye violent sex life.
With its release stalled in India,  the Bhatts might just beat Hollywood to it! Known for their sequels, we can expect the second part of the book soon enough too! Fifty Shades Darker in the Bhatt Universe – Desi Anastasia resurrection.

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