Verdict: Many jumpy moments and twists, but falls short of horror.
Mike Flanagan’s supernatural horror film Before I Wake finally hits the screens after a long delay. The movie stars Jacob Tremblay, previously seen in Room, as a child whose dreams come true, but so do his nightmares. The plot sounds interesting and is definitely new in the horror genre, which usually focuses on murder houses and haunted dolls. The trailer of the movie shows promise but the film itself fails to keep the audience at the edge of their seats.
A young couple, Jesse (Kate Bosworth) and Mark (Thomas Jane), who recently lost their son and cannot have more children biologically, decide to adopt. They bring Cody (Jacob Tremblay) into their house, unaware of his supernatural gift. The young boy cannot go to sleep, because if he does, his dreams, good or bad, will come to life. Jesse and Mark get their first look into Cody’s dreams with colorful butterflies swarming into their living room. This is followed by their dead son appearing before them. But as the nightmares begin, the couple’s life turns upside down. The shocking twist at the end of this film will leave you disturbed.
Before I Wake still - BookMyShow
The plot of the film is unique in its space. It is not a typical ‘happy ending’ film, which is sometimes the case in horror movies. The storyline leaves you with a lot of questions in a lot of places. The horror sequences are mostly just jump scares, and fail to frighten you otherwise. That simply comes from the eerie setting, which evokes a sense of foreboding, especially in the intense scenes. But it slowly begins to get monotonous, and loses its effect in the climax sequence. The acting is sub-par and Kate Bosworth is minimally expressive, even in the most fear-provoking situations. Jacob Tremblay finally saves the day, as the child is simply a delight to watch in any genre. Overall, Before I Wake will put you to sleep, as the pace, narration, and characters begin to drop.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If horror is your game, give Before I Wake a try. Even if the narrative does not impress you, the insight into a young child’s creative mind will definitely leave you amazed. Besides, the ‘Canker Man’ is unlike any ghost you may have seen before.