Roman Holiday is a classic from an era when American romantic comedy enjoyed a special place. A modern fairy-tale by William Wyler, Roman Holiday is by far the most celebrated romcom that comes to mind . The story takes you on a fantasy flight that you could otherwise only dream of. 

The demure Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) from a European country while on an official tour, out of sheer boredom and fatigue, acts out irrationally. Immediately, the doctor is called upon and he puts her at ease with a sedative and a statement – "The best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for a while". The free-spirited princess under the influence of free-will and meds, takes Dr. Bonnachoven’s advice a little too seriously and sets out on an adventure and meets the dashing reporter from American News Service, Joe Bradly (Gregory Peck)
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The bright-eyed Hepburn makes for a vivacious princess who is restrained by duty to her station. Gregory Peck does some splendid work as he gradually falls for the quirks and whims of the princess. Another delight in the film is the photographer Irving Radovich (Eddie Albert) who captures the princess in her best, and stays loyal to his friend Joe Bradly. The characters in the movie are well-developed and offer plenty light-hearted moments. 

Roman Holiday makes an entertaining watch. It is cinema from an era when the film became a success with a few strong characters, a well developed story line, and good direction. Roman Holiday is one of those few films that you can watch a few too many times and yet can’t get enough of it. William Wyler’s concept wasn’t the unique but the story really came alive with the acting and the dialogues. Back in 1953, the film won three Academy Awards. Hepburn instantly became a household name and the film a precedent for many others.