With Interstellar, Christopher Nolan has proved once again that no one can touch him. Not in Hollywood. And definitely not in Bollywood.

Having directed movies like Inception, Insomnia, Memento, The Prestige and The Dark Knight Trilogy, Nolan has only gotten better. It does make us envy him though. Why can’t an Indian director take the onus and create something epic like Nolan?

The budget is clearly not an issue (we have INR 200 crore “blockbusters”). And I am pretty sure that great scripts aren’t lacking either. The Indian audience probably needs to be more accepting of offbeat films.
But we’d be left scratching our heads if we were to pick one Bollywood director to match Nolan.
What we do have are 5 directors, who when put together, could reach Nolan’s pedestal.
By their powers combined, can they make a Indian “Christopher Nolan”? Let’s find out:

1. Anurag Kashyap – for thinking out of the box:

Brash and unadulterated, Kashyap goes where no other filmmaker dares to venture – into the dark, dreary back-alleys filled with crime lords and pimps. Yet, he manages to entertain us with amazing dialogues and camera work. Though Nolan would never use abusive language, we’d still watch Memento if Anurag Kashyap remade an Indian version (No, we are not counting Ghajini!)

2. Karan Johar – for the tear jerkers:

KJo is masterful in adding a lot emotional depth to his characters. In fact, some would say he does it better than Nolan. A lone tear trickles down the actor’s cheek as he gazes towards the horizon (somewhere in Switzerland) and thinks about his life’s tragedies. Much feels indeed.

3. Ashutosh Gowariker – for attention to detail:

Be it Lagaan or Jodha Akbar, Gowariker has always made sure that a film feels authentic and represents the era in which it is set. Also, let’s not forget his collaboration with A. R. Rahman is a lot like Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer. When they work together, it is magical.

4. Abbas-Mustan – for the twists:

Some might say they don’t deserve to be on this list. But the `Men in White` have taught us expect the unexpected. From last minute escapes to twist endings, Abbas-Mustan always manage to surprise us. You might say that you saw it coming, but did you really?

5.Vishal Bhardwaj – for the ambiguous endings:

Vishal Bhardwaj loves to leave the audience hanging. He is known for recreating Shakespearean classics in India, and manages to showcase characters that can be both good and bad. So he builds up a great climax and then leaves it upon the audience to decipher the character’s fate.

5 directors. 5 unique abilities. But can Bollywood ever give us that one director who can give Christopher Nolan a run for his money?

Ain’t that a cliffhanger!

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