The 70th Cannes Film Festival (May 17-28) is just around the corner, and we’re already wondering just how explosive this year’s edition could be. A regular week at the world’s most famous film festival includes plenty of glamour, controversy, standing ovations, heckling, drama, tears and announcements. This time, with the inclusion of TV shows and Netflix titles as well, the old-school festival embraces the modern medium in more ways than one. There are the veterans in the running as always, as well as some new filmmakers and titles sure to ruffle a few feathers. The undisputed Queen of Cannes, though, will be Nicole Kidman – the Australian actress appears in four titles, including a TV show. Spanish director Pedro Almodovar will head the jury.

Here are 5 hotly anticipated selections bound to make waves this year:

Dir: Sofia Coppola
The Lost In Translation director is back with a narratively different retelling of the 1971 Clint Eastwood starrer: about an injured soldier who was trapped in a girls’ boarding school. To be told from a female perspective, this will be more about the women and their politics and power struggles, with the soldier played by Colin Farrell – who is caught up between his affections for Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst. The star cast and ‘beguiling’ plotline makes Coppola’s film perhaps the most anticipated of them all.

Dir: Todd Haynes
If his last film, the brilliant ‘Carol,’ was anything to go by, Haynes new one – in competition this year – starring Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams, who’re easily two of the finest living actresses today, simply cannot go wrong. An adaptation of Brian Selznick’s novel, the film covers two time periods and two narratives, and is sure to advertise why exactly Haynes and his music collaborator Carter Burwell make for such a haunting artistic partnership.

Dir: Bong Joon-Ho
The Netflix production about a shy animal and its human friend has already been making headlines, given that it’s directed by the maker of the modern classic, Snowpiercer. This action-adventure fantasy stars the ethereal Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano and Lily Collins.

Dir: Michael Haneke
The Austrian two-time Palme d’Or winner could just get his third, with his latest being a French family drama set in Cannes itself based around the European refugee crisis. Haneke is known for his meditative, poignant portrayals of contemporary life. That it stars the greatest French actress of this generation (and his Amour collaborator) Isabelle Huppert again is reason enough to froth at our quivering mouths and anticipate being reduced to trembling messes.

Dir: Yorgos Lanthimos
The Greek filmmaker made one of the strangest and most enthralling films of the decade, The Lobster, which was even nominated for its screenplay at the Oscars. Its success made Lanthimos one of the most famous arthouse names on the planet. And his next, in competition at Cannes, is a psychological thriller about a surgeon and a teenage boy – once again starring Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman, as well as everyone’s 90s crush Alicia Silverstone.

Special Mentions:
You Were Never Really Here (starring Joaquin Phoenix)
Top Of The Lake: China Girl (TV show by Jane Campion)
Twin Peaks (David Lynch’s follow-up to the 1990s show)
The Florida Project (Sean Baker’s next after Tangerine)
Sea Sorrow (Vanessa Redgrave’s directorial debut)