1. Hawkeye:

The first one that comes immediately to mind when it comes to awful characters in Superhero movies is – Hawkeye from Avengers. Not like he actually sucked. But, he was quite unwanted in the film. I mean come on, with the likes of Ironman, Hulk, Thor and the ravishing Black Widow (She was needed and don’t you argue about it), Hawkeye seemed more like he was a burdened extra!

2. Aldrich Killian:

Oh god. He sucked and how! I mean, seriously. What was the point of him in the film. I’d rather have had Ben Kingsley play the role of Mandarin. Aldrich Killian looked like he was straight out of a boy band who suddenly wanted to man up! Still whiny and upset over a trivial thing, this so called geek did not deserve to be in the film! Not to mention, the third rendition of the film should have been named Regular Man instead of Iron man.

3. Hector Hammond:

Why oh why did he play a so called villain in Green Lantern. Not that the movie was great, though. But having Hector Hammond was an “Oh God, why” moment! Not only was he a complete unwanted douchebag in the film, but was also one character that you may want to beat up if you’d meet him around an alley or something.

4. Elektra:

Yes, from Daredevil. The movie could have been great if the Elektra character didn’t have such a monumental role to play in the film! The movie could’ve easily been named – Daredevil and his Girlfriend. To make matters worse, there was a movie that was released on Elektra post Daredevil. Blasphemy!

5. General Zod:

The one from Man Of Steel. All he did was yell and throw his weight around. The General Zod from Superman II was so apt! Terence Stamp, did a far more super job than Michael Shannon. Thing is, Shannon is a phenomenal actor and what Snyder and specially Goyer did with Zod’s character in the film was absurd! Zod is way more meaner and mightier than what we saw on the screen. The rendition of Zod we saw seemed more like a character from “Villains for dummies”. Also, what was with the whining like a 10-year old girl?

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