Five lamest fights scenes ever!

Do you know the intense feeling you get when you see the hero beat the [email protected] out of the villains, the barbaric mano a mano, the pumping energy? There is none of that in this list. These men had the same motives, but unfortunately they turned out to be supremely lame. Well, not everyone is endowed with superb fighting skills, but these scenes are total winners. They are beyond bad and cringe-worthy. But who’s complaining? We love them. Incase you need a good laugh to rev up your day, here’re five lame fight scenes just for you. Laugh-attack guaranteed!

Star Trek

So intense, not at all safe for kids.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Just when you thought frisbees are harmless.

Some movie… is that Hema Malini?

Best when watched with the earphones on. Trust me.


With that stance, we are all set for a fight. A tickle fight.


Remember to lick your weapons.