Five movie inventions that we need right now!

How many times have you wished for the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter? Wouldn’t it be fun just to sneak out of the house wearing the cloak? Yes, you can always get a fake one from any online shop, but the ingenious items that are shown in film always tempt us. Teleportation, mind-readers, robots… the list is just never ending. And every time we see these cool gadgets or products on screen, we just can’t help but think, "I wish I had that, life would have been so awesome".

No matter what, films has always been one step ahead in regards to technology. Here are five movie inventions that we need right now! Always remember, anything is possible!

Laser Toasting Knife – The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Breakfast will be so much better with this knife. We no longer have to wait for the nice and crispy toast! Infact, we want the entire swanky kitchen from the movie.

The Neuralyzer – Men in Black

This is just such a handy gadget. You can carry it everywhere! Date gone wrong? Just flash it in front of your prospective date. Voila! Everything back to normal! Just remember to wear a cool pair of shades while using it! You know…why.

Wafflebot – A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

We just adore this wafflebot! Not only he can make awesome waffles, but also protect you from your enemies. Isn’t that just brilliant? We want!

The Universal Remote – Click

Imagine the things you can do with this cool gadget! Adam Sandler did use it very well 😉

The translation collar – Up

Ever wondered what your dog must be thinking or if your cat is secretly plotting your murder? This translation collar is just the perfect gadget for any pet owner and is definitely life changing!

Oh! Just shut up and take my money! Don’t you just want all of it? We sure do!