Pixar is releasing its third Cars movie on 16 June 2017. Since the Cars 3 trailer came out, there has been a lot of buzz about how Cars 3 might take a whole new turn as it looked much darker than a regular children's movie. Pixar always makes movies that are fun for both adults and kids, but if you still want to know why you should head to the theaters, here are five reasons to watch Cars 3: 

Cars series

Five Reasons To Watch Cars 3

Talking cars are a fun concept in itself that Pixar has executed well. Cars movies and Cars merchandise are especially a big favorite among kids. The first Cars movie which introduced us to the world was loved by all. While Cars 2 got negative critic reviews, it was still a good movie, although not quite up to Pixar's standards. All that might change with Cars 3, which promises to undo the mistakes of Cars 2. 

A Comeback Story

In the first Cars movie, we saw Lightning McQueen befriend the residents of Radiator Springs before he goes on to race at the Los Angeles International Speedway. Cars 2 saw McQueen enter World Grand Prix, while his friend Mater went on a side-adventure right out of a spy film. From the trailers, we can already see that Cars 3 is going to be much different. It will be Lightning McQueen's comeback story and a comeback for perhaps the Cars series as a whole. 

Voice acting

Owen Wilson reprises his role as Lightning McQueen, but it's the new additions who are voicing the characters that make the voice acting a reason to watch the movie. Among the newcomers are Nathan Fillion and Armie Hammer. It will also include voices of actual NASCAR drivers like Ryan BlaneyDarrell Wallace Jr., Chase ElliottJeff GordonRichard Petty, and more. 

Because Pixar

Five Reasons To Watch Cars 3

Pixar is enough of a reason to watch Cars 3. Pixar has only gotten better with inserting realistic emotions in their animated movies. Pixar excels at anthropomorphizing the most unlikely candidates – toys, bugs, robots, and even fishes. Cars 3 will be no exception. Pixar also releases its short films right before the movie, which is an added bonus as it showcases some of the best that Pixar has to offer. 

Easter Eggs

Pixar movies are notorious for Easter eggs that are present in every movie. It's even possible that you might spot a character from one of the other Pixar movies in the works. Nemo was spotted in Monsters Inc and a boy was seen reading a comic featuring The Incredibles in Finding Nemo. Some of the Easter eggs you can look out for are the Luxo ball, Pizza Planet truck, and the numbers A113. The drive-in theaters in Cars movies also feature some great hidden jokes as they show movies like The Incredimobiles.

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