If it’s a good TV show, you can be pretty sure someone will destroy it for you. There are numerous TV show adaptations out there that are either as good as the original or better than it. And then there are some that are downright terrible. Here are six such shows that were adapted in other countries but fell face first in the mud.

6. Top Gear Australia

No one, and I mean no one, can beat Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond’s comic timing. Add to that James May’s genius and you have the perfect show in the form of Top Gear UK. In fact, it is so good that the folks in Australia wanted to adapt it down under. And guess what happened? It just couldn’t make it past the first four seasons. What a shame, mate!

Leaving all other Top Gear adaptations behind!

5. Ugly Betty

Yo soy Betty, la fea is considered to be one of the best Spanish Telenovelas of all time. Then along came the American version called Ugly Betty, which despite a great start dragged on for too long. Owing to this, people just lost interest in the show altogether and it was cancelled after the fourth season. The same fate was shared by the Indian version, Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. Here’s proof that not every American show is worth your time.

4. The many versions of The Office

When Ricky Gervais first produced The Office back in 2001, it was an underdog, which over time found a cult following. Then with the launch of the US version, the show got insanely famous and entered the annals of pop culture (That’s what she said!).

And then they had to go on and destroy it. To date, there has been a French version, a German version, a Chilean version and also an Israeli version. And with every adaptation, the show only got worse, to a point where the audiences just went back to the first two seasons of the UK version to get a good laugh.

3. Haft Sang (Modern Family Iran)

Modern Family is a TV show that has broken all boundaries and yet managed to keep churning out great episodes. For the show to survive, the biggest ingredient was an open-minded audience. Unfortunately, when you take a show that talks about inter-racial marriage and gay live-in couples and try to adapt it for a country that is still not privy to such lifestyles, it is bound to fail. The Iranian version of Modern Family did away with the gay couple and put an adoptive straight couple instead. It also replaced the oldest daughter of the Dunphys with a son. So what is exactly happening on this show? Wouldn’t you like to know!

2. Rakhi Ka Insaaf

One simply does not give Rakhi Sawant a show and hope for it to succeed. It happened with Rakhi ka Swayamvar (which is adapted from Bachelorette by the way) and later with Rakhi Ka Insaaf. The show, which was a copy of The Jerry Springer Show, was loud, obnoxious and most importantly had a host who wasn’t up for the task. Needless to say, it couldn’t make it past the first season.

1. Batliwala House No. 43 and Comedy Nights with Kapil

Say what you may, the Britishers know how to do their TV shows right. This is evident from the previous entries on this list. So why on earth would you blatantly copy the same premise and try to recreate the magic? The Kumars at No. 42 worked because it portrayed a quirky Indian family who interacted with their British counterparts, often resulting in hilarious hi-jinks. But with Batliwala House No. 43 and more recently, Comedy Nights with Kapil, the whole concept has been turned into an over-the-top, badly written staging. They even get famous actors but never roast them because eventually, they are just there to promote their movies. I wonder what the Kumars would have to say about this.

Some masterpieces are best left alone. And this list proves that point. But here’s the good thing, no mater how badly the adaptations fail, we will always have the original. And that’s a relief!

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