Whenever the tagline of a film also doubles up as the catchphrase for it, most people would feel that it’s a certain moral obligation to watch the film to know what it is about. However, when you feel disappointed, from the start of the film, there is but little you can do than simply to switch off your mind and enjoy the space you have zoned out into. Such is the feeling one may get while watching this week’s thriller I, Frankenstein starring Aaron Eckhart in the lead role. The disinterest that this film created was most appalling, so much so that the lead actor himself didn’t seem too intent on delivering a performance to remember in the film, something that he did not go through with all his heart. The film is based on Kevin Grevioux’s graphic novel by the same name that was in turn based on Mary Shelley’s story on Frankenstein. Perhaps, it simply just lost out on the execution part of it. So tragic.

The film opens with a revenge that has been sought by a non-human character called ‘The Creature’, who gets the name Adam only later on in the story. He has lived for 200 years, and seen the circumstances change in his lifetime spanning 2 centuries. As far as an honest film is concerned, this creature in the new age should have chosen to hide in the shadows or maybe one of the many epitaphs in a graveyard. The film has safely become the one, that I wasn’t waiting for. The problem is not just Aaron Eckhart’s unconvincing performancebut also the other plastic performances that put the film together. The story has a new element attached to it, of demons and gargoyles and one creature (Adam) in the midst of all of this. A war that was waged many years back finally ends in this era with Adam emerging victorious, but all this came at the cost of causing much discomfort to its audience. There is no comparison with the execution of the actual story, however, it is extremely imperative to do justice to an interesting and rather fresh concept such as this. Watch it only if you must.

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