He will lech, he will stare, he will creep you out like no one ever has. No, we aren’t talking about the weirdos who sing ‘Tere mast mast do nain‘ on the streets, but the shady characters on the silver screen who can easily make us uncomfortable. Bollywood has been extremely successful in fitting these misfits into their filmy stories. Their peculiarity is what sets them apart. Bizarre, funny and downright eccentric, these characters sure find a way to make a mark on our minds. From the likes of Nandu in Raja Babu to the crazy red Chotta Pandit from Bhool Bhulaiyaa, they all find a mention in our list. These are five shady characters that Bollywood gave us.

Nandu in Raja Babu
While Shakti Kapoor has managed many eccentric roles convincingly, his line “Main hoon Nandu sabka bandhu”, and his attire in the movie is just perfect. Nandu is exactly the kind of odd bod you’d want to ignore. 
The ‘nomashkar’ guy in Kahaani
Yes, we are talking about the same creepy fellow who was hunting and creeping Vidya Balan in the film. Saswata Chatterjee played the character so well that we aren’t sure if we’d ever get over that performance.  
Jaggu Yadav aka Crocodile Dundee in Salaam Namaste
“I don’t the trust the Indians…  eggjactly”. Ring-a-bell? Javed Jaffrey was the cowboy boots wearing NRI who didn’t want anything to do with India, well except for the part he couldn’t let go of. His accent.  
Question mark wala in Judaai
Paresh Rawal played the super baffling man with a question mark on his forehead. He did a fabulous job at driving everyone in the movie crazy with his never-ending questions. 
Chotta Pandit in Bhool Bhulaiyaa
The red pandit with a vertical ‘chotti’ standing erect on top of his head. Rajpal Yadav gave us this crummy looking tiny character who is impossible to forget because of his dialogues and antics. Not very shady, but definitely not someone we’d walk up to for a conversation either.