Violent crimes take place everyday. Innocent blood is shed and people suffer. The news flashes with stories of theft, murder, rapes, suicides etc. On one side of the coin, some of these criminals are caught, undergo trial, get convicted and serve their sentence. On the flip side, some of these cold blooded monsters get away. These monsters are terribly deranged and the crimes they commit are beyond disturbing.

The Frozen Ground is based on a series of real events that took place in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1983. After several years of tactfully kidnapping, raping and killing young women, serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack) let one get away, by accident. It’s a dark film that deals with the dingy world of prostitution, sexual assault, rape and murder.

I won’t say that the film has tried to do something different from the sort of films that are being made on the crime-thriller genre but whatever it does, it does it well.

The film is slow-paced but fruitfully takes it’s own sweet time to build each of it’s characters. What keeps one engrossed is the narration of State Trooper Jack Halcombe’s (Nicholas Cage) endless and determined search to find evidence against Hansen and his attempts to put him behind bars for good.

Vanessa Hudgens, who plays the role of Cindy(the last of Hansen’s victims, who managed to escape), does an average job with her average acting skills. She, especially, looks dismissive in her scenes with Cage, who in contrast is a brilliant actor.

John Cusack as Hansen has an air of shuddering insensitivity around him. Hansen was shockingly a family man, albeit troubled but socially accepted. 

50 Cent, who has also partly produced the film, plays the role of a local pimp – Clate Johnson.

Alaska, where most of the film is shot, only adds to the dark and chilling tonality. The somber tones and angles brought about by cinematographer Patrick Murgia enhance the disturbing nature of this story.

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