Bradley Charles Cooper. The bona fide actor, who had us in splits with his fantastic comic timing in The Hangover series, is all set to portray a soldier in American Sniper. The adorable star’s chiseled features and down-to-earth attitude are a hit among female fans. Also, who can carry off that perm better than him? Hotness personified! With several blockbuster movies like Limitless, American Hustle and Silver Lining Playbook to his credit, he is undoubtedly one of the quintessential actors in Hollywood. Here are some fun and unknown facts about this good-looking star:

Mother’s boy

Coop, as he is fondly known, continues to live with his mother! Yes, he even took her as his date to the Oscars. Awwww!


He loves cooking and is a master when it comes to kitchen! 

Health is wealth:

He is a teetotaler. Yes, he quit alcohol at the age of 29. Long live Coop!

You only live once:

To get over his habit of chewing tobacco, he starting chewing toothpicks instead. Strange, but better than tobacco!

Inside the Actors Studio

Bradley is an alumni of Inside the Actors Studio, and was the first student to ever appear as a guest on the show too! 

The big break:

The good-looking star missed his graduation ceremony in order to complete the shooting of his debut film, Wet Hot American Summer. #NotComplaining

Tough man:

Bradley stated in an interview that he always wanted to be a soldier! So much that he almost enrolled himself in military school. 

But that obviously didn’t work out! And here we have today, one of the most talented actors in Hollywood! Moreover, we will soon see him portray his dream job onscreen. Bradley is set to appear as a lethal sniper in his upcoming film, American Sniper! So gear up and book your tickets for this biographical war drama.

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