Yes, the third part of the Despicable Me franchise has released last Friday. When the maiden part released back in 2010, everyone fell in love with the minions  They were cute, funny and took the audience on a laughter ride. But after watching the recent one, many are of the opinion that it was not as entertaining as the first part, but nonetheless, it managed to draw the attention of the audience and got pretty decent reviews. Notwithstanding how this movie is, the kids still love the minions and would love another installment of the Minions. While most of the people enjoyed a hearty laughter, there were a few who thought there shouldn't have been a part 3 to the series. 

Let's take a look at some of the most interesting reactions to this film.

The Ok, Ok guy.

The disappointed one.

This guy has no idea about the worst movies.

This person is against watching the movie in Hindi.

The minion hot air balloon.


Fans sent Stuart to France.


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