Sci-fi films have flying cars, time-travel machines, robotic surgeons, sex-bots, futuristic fashion that blends with your skin and so many such exciting prospects. These films paint a picture to show what our future would look like and it ranges from the zombie-infested swamps, to the swanky robot valet. Just like the dystopian movies predict where the fate of mankind is headed, sci-fi movies predict what kind of technology to expect when you get to the future. Movies have actually managed to predict the future, quite accurately in some cases. Here’s some of their predictions that have actually come true:-

The Jetsons (1962 & 1990)

Who doesn’t love going to work in flying cars and living the easy life of technology? We haven’t quite reached that level of sophistication yet, but we have managed to acquire some of their fancy tech.  We have video chat, tanning beds, auto-mated vacuum machines, smart watches and 3D printing of food. We are only a few steps away from living the life they did.

The Blade Runner: (1982): In this movie, we see several leaps in technology that have been realised to a certain extent. There are huge digital billboards on tall skyscrapers and they are almost a replica of what we see today in New York and Tokyo.

Short Circuit(1986)- Military Robot Johnny 5 is shown to be intelligent and having a personality. Now, we have automated machines that can go into war zones un-manned and several robotic devices that can talk back.

 Minority Report (2002)-   It showed touch and gesture controlled devices as being the normal way of life.  Not too long after this movie came out, we noticed the advent touch screen laptops, TVs, security system and the ‘Wii’ gesture gaming. It’s a little spooky that they managed this level of accuracy in their prediction.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)-  If you thought Minority report got lucky, well then this film will blow your mind. They predicted Skype, personal TVs in flights, tablet computing and space tourism. It’s like someone gave them the cheat sheet to the future!

 Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)-  In U.S airports they had briefly installed a naked body scanner. It didn’t give the high quality image that it did in this movie, but it was invasive enough for them to withdraw the scanner over protests.

 Back to the Future II (1989)– It is set in 2015 and it predicted wearable computing which resembles Occulus Rift and Google glasses ,that we use today. It also showed flat screen TV, 3D, Drones and Biometrics.

Enemy of the State (1998): It showed a creepy world of extensive government surveillance, where nothing was personal anymore and every line of privacy was crossed. It may have been brushed off as paranoia then, but after Snowden, it’s almost as if this movie literally predicted the NSA scandal. That means, conspiracy thriller films do come true.

Shreya Nair


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