Pachaas Pachaas kos jab koi rishwat leta hai,
Toh sab kehte hai mat le warna,
Gabbar aa jayega..

A stark similarity to the cult classic villain, the new Gabbar is sending a wave of curiosity across the city. Who is he? What’s his motives? Is the age-old bandit back for good? And so much more of that! All thanks to the action-packed trailer of the film, which has surprisingly portrayed the iconic villain in a different light. Yes, the name which was once synonymous with terror has now turned into a Messiah! And bringing this new modified version of Gabbar on screen is none other than Bollywood’s King of action, Akshay Kumar. Moreover, the actor is adamant that his role is poles apart from the legendary uncouth tribe leader. And to prove his point strong, we bring you 5 reasons why the two characters are different:

We all remember Gabbar scaring the sh*t out of people with his weapon of terror – the belt (whip). However, the new Gabbar prefers to head out with his PWD a.k.a Power Wala Danda! 


Violent and terrifying, they are known for being destructive in nature we agree. But still what differentiates them is that the cult classic villain eyed the helpless villagers, whereas the new one targets the corrupted politicians.

With an army of goons, Gabbar ruled the territory with his henchmen. But for Akshay Kumar, he is what he’s always been – A one-man army!

From Kitne Aadmi The to Ye Haath Mujhe De De Thakur, Amjad Khan’s Gabbar breathe magic into these dialogues. However, Akshay Kumar is all set to revamp the dialogues into:

With the character listed as one of the most epic villains in the history of Bollywood, Akshay is all set to add a tinge of goodness and a social touch to the role.

Now, will this new-age Gabbar recreate history at the box office or not is for you find out. With the film all set to release this Friday, catch Akshay Kumar and Shruti Haasan in this action-packed drama at theatres near you.  

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