Your favorite TV show is back, with a new season and more deaths to follow. Sigh! This has been the most anticipated season of Game of Thrones, with many questions to be answered: Is Jon Snow alive? Did Brienne kill Stannis? Will Daenerys escape the Dothrakhi? And what in the Seven Kingdoms is Arya up to? What’s even more exciting about the new season is that bookworms who have read the series will not be able to spoil the show anymore. Writer of the series George R. R. Martin seems to be taking his own sweet time to release the next book, titled The Winds of Winter, much to the chagrin of his avid readers. For the first time ever, the TV series will precede the books, keeping everybody at the edge of their seats. So, while we are all in the dark, here are our predictions for the new season:
Another Targaryen will join the war.
Aegon Targaryen - BookMyShow

Okay, we admit we got this idea from the book. But the return of Aegon Targaryen was missing from the TV show. We hope he makes an entrance this season and joins Daenerys in the battle for the Iron Throne.
Daenerys will finally be seen in the Seven Kingdoms.
Daenerys Targaryen - BookMyShow

Since the beginning, Daenerys Targaryen had one mission – to avenge the brutal murder of her family and reclaim the throne. We hope that in this season, she finally makes her way west to the Seven Kingdoms, instead of dawdling about and emancipating people in Slaver’s Bay.
Jon Snow – Alive or Dead? We think both!
Jon Snow - BookMyShow

There is a lot of talk about Jon Snow coming back as a White Walker. Won’t that be amazing? Jon Snow could amass an army of the dead and take down that blasted Wall, once and for all! Brace yourselves, betraying brethren of the Night’s Watch.
Cersei – the worst is yet to come!
Cersei Lannister - BookMyShow

Daenerys may be the actual keeper of dragons, but Cersei Lannister is one powerful dragon herself. And you know what happens when you wake the dragon. Cersei is going to be back – more vile and vicious this time, and the High Sparrow is going down!
Sansa + Theon + Brienne + Stannis’ army = The End of the Boltons
Trio - BookMyShow

Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy may have escaped the clutches of the twisted freak Ramsay Bolton, but they are bound to be back for revenge. What’s more, Brienne, after killing Stannis will reunite with them, probably with what’s left of Stannis’ army. Could this be the end of the treacherous Boltons? We would have to watch the show to find out.
Arya – new vision, new inspiration
Arya Stark - BookMyShow

Applauding her ability to survive the many challenges that have come her way, Arya Stark could have a much bigger part to play. In the last season, she went blind, which we think is a method to improve her fighting abilities, by sharpening her other senses. There is no doubt that her sight will return and she will be more badass than ever, ticking the names off from her list. Look out, Cersei!
The supernaturally boring Stark will return.
Bran Stark - BookMyShow

Bran Stark, who was all but missing in the last season, has not really been crucial in the game yet. But now that he is at his rightful place, he could become more powerful than anyone else. Remember his ability to get into anyone’s body and control them? That could be the most dangerous weapon in all of the Seven Kingdoms, counting Dany’s three dragons.
Daario and Jorah’s budding bromance
Jorah and Daario - BookMyShow

Daenerys’s jilted lover Jorah Mormont and boy toy Daario Naharis are bound to set off in the search of their lost Queen. The journey could bring the two closer, while they look for hers truly. But Jorah is most likely to end up dead by the end of the season, due to the greyscale he contracted in Season 5. Not before he helps his beloved Queen one last time, though.
Tyrion Lannister will be the new king in the East.
Tyrion Lannister - BookMyShow

Fed up of his family’s politics in the West, Tyrion Lannister might just settle in as the new king in the East. With Daenerys gone, there’s no one more capable to take over than the witty imp. He might also join forces with the Mother of Dragons and take down the Lannisters. Either ways, he is about to become a lot more important.

Do you agree with our predictions or have theories of your own? Do not hesitate to sound off in comments; we love a healthy GoT debate. One thing's for certain though – this is going to be one epic season!