1. Assassins Creed – Yep! This is probably the first game that comes to everybody’s mind! Altair, Ezio and Connor! All three protagonists have been amazing! Ezio, being pretty much everyone’s favorite! With crazy and twited plots, killer moves that are used for counter-attack and what not, this game is probably the one game that should be turned into a film!

2. Alan Wake – God, this game is spooky! If you haven’t played it already, I suggest you do, and then you shall realize how brilliant the storyline of this game is! The plot is quite twisted and poor old Alan Wake is enacting the story of his novel as he searches for his wife!

3. GTA  Grand Theft Auto!!! Oh Yea! This is the MOTHER of all gangster games! No super plot as such but it would be fun to watch! Specially, the fifth edition! The cops, the chases, the drug-dealing and the mobs. Super fun, no?

4. Mario – Yes, the classic! Mario the plumber should be turned into a game. Even if it is just an Italian Plumber saving the princess, the World around will flock to watch the film! One thing, though. Who can actually pull off Mario’s character?

5. Mass Effect – Another epic RPG! Outer space. Set in the future! This game has all it takes to be made into a movie. A few fan films have been made but come on, we deserve a super movie for this franchise!

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