Verdict: An intense disaster flick with a dash of mystery.

A directorial debut of Dean Devlin – the man behind movies like Independence Day and Godzilla – Geostorm is an interesting take on a regular disaster movie. 

What's Geostorm About: 

After extreme weather threatens the globe, a team of scientists headed by Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) creates a web of satellites called Dutchboy meant to control the weather worldwide. Due to his unprofessional behavior, Jake then gets fired by his brother, Max (Jim Sturgess), who has been put in charge. Three years later, Dutchboy begins to malfunction is Jake is recalled back to the space station to fix it before a series of disasters called Geostorm destroy the planet. 

What Works:

While Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess form the main plot, the female characters in the film steal the show. Abbie Cornish as Sarah Wilson, a Secret Service agent, and Max's girlfriend gets several action sequences. Zazie Beetz as Max's tech-savvy employee cracks jokes that will get several laughs from the audience. Alexandra Maria Lara as the Chief Scientist shows leadership and is awesome in her own way. Even Jake's daughter, Talitha Bateman, gets a few quips in.  

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There is plenty of destruction to satisfy the action buffs. There is mayhem in space and on earth, giving you the best of both worlds. There are freezing temperatures that make birds drop out of the sky, hailstorms that break car windshields, and more freaky disasters. In space, with the malfunctions of Dutchboy, there are even satellites blowing up, and a countdown to the self-destruction of the space station that controls it.

Geostorm goes beyond the normal disaster film with adding some mystery. What had seemed to be systems malfunctioning might be the work of someone on the inside who has weaponized the technology. The clock is ticking down so they need to find the culprit before Geostorm hits. 

What Could Have Been Better:

The numerous reshoots and the long delay in releasing the film have certainly harmed how Geostorm might be received. It struggles to maintain a consistent tone with romance and emotional drama thrown into the mix. While it attempts to aim to be something higher, in the end, it is simply good for some thrills. But if you suspend your disbelief for a bit, Geostorm is certainly entertaining.  

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 

Tired of U.S. being the center of every cinematic disaster? Geostorm is the movie for you. With a unique premise of a weather-controlling satellite, an engaging mystery, a cast of well-known actors, and the outrageous sequences of people trying to outrun every disaster you can think of, Geostorm is good for some mindless fun.