Have you missed seeing movies about natural disasters? Waves as tall as a building? A terrible whirlwind? Geostorm is the answer! A film directed by Dean Devlin released in Indonesia on 13th. Geostorm stars Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Jim Cornish, Jim Sturgess, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, and Zazie Beetz.

This film starts when the satellites named Dutch Boy that designed to control the weather and kept everyone safe start to attack the planet that they once protected and start causing natural disasters all around the world.

Dutch Boy’s chief architect, Jake (Gerard Butler) along with his brother Max (Jim Sturgess) try to fix the satellites before a worldwide Geostorm wipes out everything and everyone along with it. But before that, they have to face the enemy and possibly kidnap the president to turn off the satellite's system.

The film begins with a girl’s narration that explaining the origins of Dutch Boy and many disasters that used to happen because of extreme climates. She says “This is what saved us all, and Dutch Boy was built by the team led by…”, and then she reveals that it was her father who built it.

Gerard Butler Geostorm - BookMyShow

Yes! Gerard Butler stars as chief architect and loving father, Jake, who was fired from Dutch Boy by his brother, Max (Jim Sturgess) but is called back into space to solve the malfunction. Obviously, this film contains some family drama between Jake, his brother, and his daughter, that is meant to add a touching element to the film.

Geostorm is the directorial debut of Dean Devlin, who wrote and produced Independence Day. Devlin shows many disaster-riddled scenes with a Tsunami in Saudi Arabia, extreme weather in Brazil, a whirlwind in India, and heat waves in Hong Kong. The film seems like other disaster movies like 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow by Roland Emmerich, although with less intense disasters. Despite all of that, the visual effects are worth watching on the big screen

Some thanks have to go to Zazie Beetz, who before showing up in Deadpool 2 next year, has successfully lightened up Geostorm with her jokes. So, if you want to see countless disasters strike all over the globe with good visuals, along with some family drama, political conspiracy, and Andy Garcia as a President of United States, Geostorm is definitely the movie for you.

Geostorm released in Indonesia on October 13. The film releases in India on 27th October 2017. 

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Review courtesy: BookMyShow Indonesia blog.