Verdict: An intriguing thriller!

Director Thirukumaran’s debut film Maan Karate which was penned by ace filmmaker A. R. Murgadoss, was a film that was a mix of two varied genres – fiction and comedy. It also marked itself a love story. Lauding the film is not what one would ideally do, but the major credit had to be given for how nicely packaged the film was. It automatically caught the fancy of the audience. His latest film, Gethu also works on this. However, unlike Maan Karate, his latest is and interesting film that works on an equally interesting plot.
The film tales the tale about a man who inadvertently crosses paths with a hit man who is on a hunt to shoot down his target. The film takes you on a suspense journey, where you feel that you’re a part of it. You’re able to feel strongly about Sethu's (Udhayanidhi) and his father’s (Sathyaraj) quest to fight against evil. You root for them to succeed in their mission.
The film opens with a captivating visual of a highway pass, where a sniper carefully targets and kills an army personnel. We are introduced to the sniper and his chief who plan at targeting their next, and that's where the film begins. This compelling introduction sequence seemed like a positive start to Gethu. The first-half of the film focuses on establishing the bond shared between father and son, also gives us a conflict in the plot. The second-half of the film aims at solving the conflict, and unlocking the suspense element. The latter half of the film is rather dull, and has scenes where each character appears to go through scenes at a slow pace. The aim might have been to invoke a level of mystery; however, it doesn’t do so. A thriller should have sketched characters but have a level of depth in them. Gethu, cuts off its characters half-way.  
The biggest strength of the film is its visuals! Beautiful locations captured by cinematographer Sukumar, combined with splendid shots makes every shot look visually pleasing. The viewer is automatically transported to the beautiful locales, where the film was shot. The director has stressed on striking a harmony with the objects and the characters in his frame. The sequences in the library, the sniper’s costumes are an example of this. The sleek fight sequences are also plus. The film’s low point is that how it doesn't seem to completely engage you. The thrill and mystery element is almost incomplete.
Udhayanidhi, whose first three films have been comedies, has finally experimented with a new genre and role in this film. The actor was criticized for his performance in his first film. But now it’s safe to say that he’s grown leaps and bounds as an actor. His dance performance and his one-screen persona receive appreciation in Gethu. The big revelation of this filmis Udhayanidhi’s act in the fight sequences. The fist-punches, the kicks; Udhayanidhi surely knows to put on a intense expression while fighting the baddies. Sathyaraj puts up a brief but memorable performance. You wish his appearance was a tad bit longer. Vikranth conveys volumes with his eyes. His performance of a sniper is noteworthy.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
The stunning visuals, and interesting premise make Gethu an engaging watch. The film also boasts of some good performances. Go watch it this Pongal.