"Talli gir gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai, we lost all our money lekin party abhi baaki hai"

There’s nothing quite like getting drunk now, is there? I personally feel alcohol is one of the best inventions by mankind, especially alcoholic beverages. They’re tasty, easy to gulp down and you never know when you’ve consumed more than your body can take. Getting drunk is fun, especially the part where you laugh till you become unconscious.
Bollywood has given us its fair share of some stock drunk characters, that we can relate with in real life. Here are some:
The heart-broken piyakkad AKA Devdas from Devdas
"Kaun kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai?"
The heart-broken piyakkad is the kind that will binge drink to bury all memories of the past and to forget the man or woman (s)he once loved. This is one of the most common form of drunken behaviour. If you’re the ‘Devdas’ drunk, you’ll often find yourself sitting at the edge of a bar, reminiscing about the past while the rest of the world has a blast. Sigh.

The emotional drunkard AKA Anand Babu from Amar Prem 

"Pushpa… I hate tears"
This kind of a drunkard is extremely touchy about seeing others cry. If the sentimental drunkard catches you all gloomy on a festive night, he or she might just give you a tiny lecture on why you shouldn’t be sad. (S)He’s a good drunk person, the kind that cares for you.

Nautanki Darubaaz AKA Veeru in Sholay 

"Suicide Suicide Suicide!… When I dead, police coming, police coming, budiya going jail, in jail, budhiya chakki peesing and peesing and peesing and peesing and peesing..."
This kind of a drunkard, usually is completely out of his senses and will threaten (only threaten and never really do it) to give his life in order to become one with the person he loves. The drunk lover will perform all kinds of antiques that will force you to comply by what he’s demanding. You’ll find a few nautanki darubaaz at every other party, they are the kinds who’ve had a little too much, which eventually makes them express their feelings, mostly by shouting at the top of their voices.
Frivolously crazy drunk AKA Anthony from Amar Akbar Anthony

"Main kitni baar bola tereko daaru nahi peeneka, daaru bahut kharab cheez hai"
This is the kind of a drunk person who is drunk silly and is doing things that (S)he is surely going to regret the following day. This kind of drunken activity is fun, but is sure to leave you with a terrible hangover. In your drunken stupor, it’s quite possible that you might have bought things that are of no use to you whatsoever!

First-time drunk AKA Simran from DDLJ  

The innocent teetotaler that finally decides to join the crazy pack of drunk people, usually isn’t sure about what alcohol is going to do to his/her ‘alcohol-virgin’ body. These alcohol-virgins end up doing things that they never expected themselves to do otherwise. Mostly you’ll find them laughing for no reason whatsoever or dancing like it’s nobody’s business.

The ‘troubled’ rich-kid drunk AKA Veronica from Cocktail  


Just like Uncle Scrooge, you’ll find these rich-kids swimming in a pool of…liquor. They’re a bunch of attention-seeking people who don’t really need an excuse to get drunk and are looking forward to getting laid, which is okay. They’re also the kind you’ll find peacefully sleeping on a street after a mad night of ultra-drunkenness.
Do you fall in any of the categories we’ve mentioned above? Tell us your experiences in the comment boxes below.

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