Gips (Plaster) is an adorable short film by the same filmmaker who gave us Home Suite Home. Although Jeroen Houben’s style isn’t quite the same, the film retains the same sweet effect that the first short leaves you with.

Gips (Plaster)
Gips is about a ten-eleven year old boy Pelle, who is on a family vacation. The film follows the story of the boy. It isn’t clear about the time period the story is based in. The director has deliberately tried to stick to a time when kids were interested in a world beyond cellphones and video games. As the film progresses, we see Pelle transform from a timid boy who follows his sister and her friends around with a plastered hand, to gathering courage and approaching a girl he likes. There’s something fresh yet familiar about the story.  

Jeroen Houben manages to keep the innocence of the summer love. You’ll love the way the film flows. A kind of romanticized version of a summer family vacation, it aims to leave you nostalgic of a time when there was no technological disturbance, and manages to do just that. Watch the film here: