Fasten your seat belts as we unleash the journey to madness and adventure of another level. Yes, to keep the movie-buff excited this summer, Godzilla is back! Back to create the sensation of watching a thriller on screen this Summer. The sultry weather demands for a highly entertainment film and what could be better than BRAND GODZILLA.

Here are 5 reasons why Godzilla is returning with a Bang!

Great Casting:  A significant reason why people  are excited about the film is because it has an incredible cast.  Bryan Cranston, who is known for his highly-acclaimed show ‘Breaking Bad’ is starring in the flick with yet another challenging role.  Other interesting celebrities from the cast include Sally Hawkins, who also shares the strong background of television, Aaron Taylor Johnson will be seen in a different shade along with other characters like Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche and Elizabeth Olsen.

Curious Ending:  The director of the flick,  Gareth Edwards of Monsters fame, is directing the new Godzilla movie. He wants the ending of the film to be very natural and simplistic. Now that’s quite unlike the major sci-fi thrillers.  The ending is set to marvel the audience. We will ultimately have to watch it on screen to end our curiosity.

The Godzilla Design:  The design has reverted to its original avatar from the “toho” design in Japan.  The team of the film has restored the original classic design which gives Godzilla the real feel from where it ultimately originated.

The Godzilla himself: What could be the biggest attraction of the movie than the Godzilla himself. The name is enough and much like other Hollywood monsters like King Kong, The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, Godzilla too, would shout and roar aloud to create an ultimate sense of fear among the audience.  It will almost be an earth-shattering experience to hear the menacing roar of the Toho Godzilla.  The sound designer of the film is Erik Aadahl who was also a supervised editor for Transformers:  Dark of the Moon for which he had won an Academy Award nomination.

The Story:  The story is the ultimate king and from the trailer of the film, which opens to the shots of mayhem and destruction everywhere, seems to create the rising tension of the wrath of Godzilla.  The film is spread over different countries and also features the powerful soldiers fighting out the tough battle to save the world from GODZILLA.

It’s a rare opportunity to watch classic films like Godzilla return to create fear and tension among its fans from across the globe. Do not miss it. Summer 2014 is going to create the adrenaline rush and a perfect nail-biting experience.

By Saurav Chandgothia

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