On the 10th year of Golmaal, Rohit Shetty released the fourth installment of the famous series – Golmaal Again, and it is running houseful. Along with the main cast, this movie brings together every character from the old Golmaal, even if it is just for a couple of scenes. It is a laughter riot and the audience is loving this comedy which asks you to leave logic aside and focus on the magic only. The film had a super weekend at the box office, so let's see what the critics have to say about it:

"Here one must say, it is to Rohit Shetty's credit that he never lets you get too fidgety. Gags, fights, songs, giggles, ghosts, here is a buffet you can overdose on. At times, you actually admonish yourself for being stupid but you can't help but guffaw."

Source: Times of India

"Golmaal Again takes everything about its franchise and serves it up with an unabashed sense of Bollywood madness. It’s jokes are endless and for most part they're pretty funny. This the perfect comedy film for the college crowd. It’s loud, its crazy and a lot of sinful fun."

Source: Filmfare

"Golmaal Again is loaded with a lot of LOL moments. If you promise to leave the brains at home, the movie can turn out to be a great entertainer for you. It is clean with no vulgarity or double-meaning lines. So, it is expected to attract a lot of family-audiences to the theatres this festive season."

Source: ZeeNews

"When it comes to Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal series, there are two kinds of movie buffs – one can’t get enough of it while the other slams it as illogical. If you fall in the former bracket, the filmmaker has a heavy dose of nostalgia for you. If you are part of the second category, Rohit has tried his best to entice you adding elements of horror, melodrama, revenge and even a storyline but that takes an hour to build up."

Source: Hindustan Times

"The humour is well written and consistently effective. 'Golmaal Again' works predominantly, and surprisingly enough. But a fare for all seasons? One might have their doubts."

Source: Deccan Chronicle

"It’s almost like Rohit Shetty paying a tribute to all the previous Golmaals. He puts together all the best characters from his earlier films into this one. So along with the usual gang, there’s also Bhoola (Johnny Lever), Vasooli bhai (Mukesh Tewari), Sanjay Mishra, Inspector Dande (Murli Sharma) and even the snake-man Vrajesh Hirjee."

Source: DNA

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