So, you think you can dance? Or pull off yellow pants and gaudy shirts on a date night? Well, we hate to break this to you but unless you are able to dance like Govinda, you aren’t awesome enough.

Govinda’s zany dance moves of the 90s have stood the test of time. The star is now making a comeback to the silver screen with Kill Dil and Happy Ending.

So what if you can do the moonwalk or the Melbourne shuffle, can you dance to this epic Bollywood song? "What is mobile number? What is your smile number? What is your style number? Karo kya dial number?"

Just in case you need a refresher, here are 9 wacky Govinda dance moves you must try out this party season!


Before you get started, how about warming-up with that red handkerchief your mom gifted you. Remember to keep it subtle and sexxay!


Take it cheesy!

Shake those arms, baby! Don’t forget the final arm-pull action.


Kurta utha ke…

Want to impress your chicka? Try this out.


Or this

The art of pelvic thrust always works.


And very soon…

Don’t be surprised if your date starts to hum "Kissi Disco Mein Jayen, Ho Kissi Hotel Mein Khayen…"


Stay fit: Govinda ishtyle 

If you want to be a good dancer, you need to stay fit. With lessons from Govinda, you can turn your daily exercise into a fun routine.

PS: You might need a partner for this.


Workout Level: Govinda

Once you master the first exercise, try this extreme workout.


The Shock & Awe Step

If you are threatened by someone, just stay calm and break into a sudden jig. This will definitely surprise your enemies.


Once you master all these madcap dance moves, you can do the happy dance, Kill/Dil style!


Congratulations! You have now graduated from Govinda’s school of extreme dance!


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