Films like Grown Ups 2 often make me wonder what makes comedians like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock , David Spade and Kevin James choose films that ridicule their comic genius. Grown Ups 2 begins as a comic film but ends like a preacher’s sermon on Sunday Mass. The film is the story of a bunch of young boys gone old, who are just coming to terms with the fact that they’re young no more. Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Kevin James star in this comic fare along with Salma Hayek, at her sassiest best. Lenny Feder(Sandler), Eric Lamonsoff(James), Kurt McKenzie(Rock), Marcus Higgins(Spade) are now parents to teenagers with raging hormones.
Although the movie on the whole is a big disappointment individual characters are immensely funny. But it’s sad that we don’t get enough of anybody. The film is like a badly woven dress, where the individual pieces are good, but haven’t been stitched together well. And that’s precisely why the film doesn’t do well. Shucks!
The film has a very Dharma Productions’ish-family-drama like ending. That bit will brutally kills all the humour that the film managed to create.
All characters are at at their funniest best. But hey that’s not the point we’re trying to make here. The point is that despite having tons of funnies throughout the film, Grown Ups 2 still doesn’t make it.
Wolf and Sandler have tried to salvage their film by throwing in a boob-show from time to time, courtesy Salma Hayek and April Rose(Hot Dance Teacher). But that doesn’t help the film too. 

Even a cameo appearance by Stone Cold Steve Austin and a sleazy song-dance act by The Lonely Island doesn’t salvage the film.

Too-da-loo Grown Ups!

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