You all must have watched Disney’s animated movies while you were growing up. They were so surreal and fascinating. Back then, they were our major source of entertainment. Every time you watched any of the animated films, you would be transported to another world. You would secretly wish to have a life that was filled with oodles of adventure instead of piles of homework. This is probably why some of us watched animated movies over and over again to lighten up the mood and get a taste of our favorite character’s life. After so many years, a lot of us still get excited to watch them, to relive our childhood memories.

So if you were a die-hard fan of Disney movies, you should be able to guess the location they were set in.

The Jungle Book


Finding Nemo

Beauty and the Beast

The Story of Robin Hood

Lilo and Stitch





So were you able to guess them all? Don’t forget to tell us which ones were your favorite!