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5 Reasons To Watch Karsandas Pay & Use

It’s been a while since we got a Gujarati movie (almost a month long dry spell), let alone a blockbuster of a film. This is where Karsandas Pay & Use comes into play or rather picture (pun intended). After delivering the last blockbuster, Chhello Divas, director Krishnadev Yagnik only had to play it safe and steady when it came to the genre but the seasoned filmmaker decided to experiment with it and dared to take a risk; a gamble well paid off. 

Although the film is loaded with beautiful moments, there are these five things that you simply cannot miss:

The Editing of the film is on point. The transitions from frame to frame are seamless and even though the movie is over 2 hour long, there isn’t a single moment that let’s you down. Nirav Panchal, the man behind Thai Jashe! brings his artistry to the table.

The music
The music hands down is the soul of the film.  Kedar Upadhyay‘s mesmerizing tracks uplift the film on to another level. Most often than not, you’ll find yourself crying or laughing or both. Such is the beauty!

Now, although the  story of the film isn’t exceptional in any sense, the way it’s executed is marvellous to say the least. Director Krishnadev Yagnik is also responsible for the screenplay which kinda explains how the movie progresses seamlessly.

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The cast
Abhishek Shah is simply brilliant. Along with lead actors Mayur Chauhan and Deeksha JoshiHemang ShahChetan Daiya and Jay Bhatt have delivered stupendous performances that are sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s the acting that makes the story stick without which it’s as good as a cannon without its ball.

The social message
Without a shred of doubt, this is what makes the whole movie a learning experience. Director Krishnadev Yagnik has incorporated a blend of social messages. Although it’s a love story, it strongly centers around casteism, gender bias, and cleanliness in the most subtle way possible.

Having said that, the movie certainly has its flaws but its heart is set in the right place. Needless to say, Gujjus out there, just go and book your tickets.