The year 2013 may not have proved that lucky for this talented actor (with a dud like ‘Himmatwala’ and the just about average ‘Satyagraha’), but that doesn’t take away anything out of this otherwise bankable star.
We ask our very own in house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi to predict what the future holds for Ajay Devgn on the eve of his 45th birthday.

“Born on 2nd April 1969, Ajay is a Number 2 (Moon) person in numerology. Being an Arian, he is also ruled by Number 9 (Mars) while his destiny number adds up to Number 4 (Rahu). Being ruled by Number 2, he is also ruled by Number 7 (Ketu) as these two numbers always go hand in hand” explains Bhavikk.

“Being a Number 2, Ajay is very creative and hence also a moody person. Otherwise he is soft spoken and family loving. But due to the Mars effect, he is also very hyper, temperamental and aggressive when needed. That is why he is good at action and a pro at doing stunts. He likes to be adventurous but should be careful as he is also accident prone. The presence of ‘Rahu’ will make him indecisive and hence always in two minds most of the times” he describes about his characteristics.

“Ajay will now be entering in his 46th year which indicates that he will be back with a vengeance. In any case, the year 2014 which adds up to Number 7 (Ketu) is likely to prove lucky for most Number 1, 2, 4 and 7 people and Ajay falls in to this bracket directly – be it from his birth number (2) or destiny number (4)” predicts Bhavikk.

“His next release ‘Action Jackson’ will set the cash registers ringing while ‘Singham 2’ will go even further in making new records at the box office” he adds.

“Even on the personal front, he will be able to take time-off for his family and fulfill other personal commitments” he adds further.

“Wearing a Hessonite on his middle finger on a Saturday night (at exactly two hours after sunset) will help him with right decision making and remain better focused” advices Bhavikk very strongly before signing off.

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