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Happy Birthday, Amy Adams!

The ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous‘ beauty, Amy Adams stole our hearts since she made her debut in 1999. She has been nominated for the Academy Awards five times and is included in the list of 100 Most Influential people. Once wishing to become a ballerina, she found the disciplined life a tad too much to take. 
Her journey to stardom wasn’t easy. She has had to work at Gap and at Hooters before she landed her first movie. Her roles are usually character-oriented and she has been known to bring her own charm to the characters she plays and making them memorable. On her birthday, we have compiled a list of her characters that have stayed with us:

Amelia Earhart (Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian)

Amy Adams - BookMyShowShe played the lady who flew. She played it with precision, bringing the curiosity the character might require to embark on missions like she did. She also brought her own chirpiness to the character and is fondly remembered for it.

Giselle (Enchanted)

Amy Adams - BookMyShowAmy played a princess who stepped out of a fairy tale and it was done perfectly. She absolutely looked the part. She wasn’t your ditzy princess who needed a knight to survive. She did her own rescuing and that is one of the many things that makes the character memorable.

Sydney Prosser (American Hustle)

Amy Adams - BookMyShowAmy Adams was nominated for an Academy Award for this movie. Her role of a seductive con artist was well appreciated by the audience. The movie as a whole helped the actress with the boost her career needed and deserved.

Ashley (Junebug)

Amy Adams - BookMyShowAlthough she played the supporting role in this movie, her work and her dedication to the character was well recognized and she played the role of the naïve pregnant lady with conviction making it totally believable.

Lois Lane (Man of Steel)

Amy Adams - BookMyShowSpouses of superheroes are usually in distress and it is upto the superheroes to save them. Lois Lane was no different, until Amy Adams played the character. Lois Lane in Man of Steel is strong and she doesn’t need Superman to save her, she can do some saving of her own like we saw in Batman V Superman.
We wish Amy Adams a very happy birthday and hope she has a fun and successful year ahead.