She needs no introduction at all, whatsoever – so let’s just simply get down to the topic.

Our in-house astro numerologist and celebrity on it’s own, Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts what’s in store for the ever-so gorgeous ‘bachchan bahu’ and ‘soon-to-be-mom’ on the eve of her 38th birthday.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was born on 1st November, 1973 which makes her a Number 1 (Sun) person in numerology. Her sun sign is Scorpio (ruler Mars – Number 9) and her destiny number adds up to Number 5 (Mercury) which indicates a strong ‘mangal’ in her birth chart” explains Bhavikk.

Ash is what she is ruled by – Number 1, the most powerful star in the solar system – the Sun. Without it, there is no existence. She is strong, aggressive and a complete go getter. She is so determined on what she wants in life that nothing and absolutely nothing can stop her from doing that. At times her approach could be a bit forceful, but she knows how to mellow it down when required. Her communication skills are so effective that she can make people spell bound by her speech” he explains further.

Ash will now be entering her 39th year and what better way than to embrace ‘motherhood’ right at the start (in all probability it would be a baby girl); but unfortunately Number 3 (Jupiter) happens to be one of her weakest numbers and so she needs to be extra careful” warns Bhavikk.

Thankfully, the upcoming year 2012 which adds up to Number 5 (Mercury) happens to be her ‘destiny’ number (as explained above) and would bring her some relief (read damage control) and act as a silver lining” predicts Bhavikk further.

So basically, she should enjoy her maternity break and not enter in to new ventures or make any fresh investments as that may lead to losses due to a bad decision” advices Bhavikk on a serious note before signing off.


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