Bad Man! That says it all. He has been made synonymous with all things villainous in Bollywood movies. As far as the realm of movies is concerned, he’s the guy that kidnaps your sister, or flirts with women or is a mafia boss. However, there is a lot more to Gulshan Grover. Having said that, for the true blue Bollywood fan, the moment he hears, "Bad Man", the only person that immediately comes to mind is this brilliant actor.

If you are scratching your head, let us remind you of Kesariya ‘Bad Man’ Vilayati from Ram Lakhan.

As the actor turns 59 today, his repertoire of movies boasts of experimentation with various roles and genres. Even though he was continually typecast as the badmaash in a plethora of movies in the 1980s and 1990s, this Punjabi munda has time and again attempted to step out of the box and showcase his acting prowess in a lot of critically acclaimed films such as I Am Kalam, Honour Killing, Earth and 16 December among others. The actor who claims to have knowingly created his bad man image for recognition was also one of the first Indian actors to appear in Hollywood movies.


The eminent actor was recently invited by none other than Prince Charles for dinner at Dumfries house estate in Scotland. So impressed was he by Grover, that the Prince approved the use of Dumfries House Estate for the shoot of a song and dance sequence of his upcoming film. 

Among his films lined up for release in the future include Deepa Mehta‘s latest Beeba Boys releasing this October in which Gulshan Grover plays Grewal, a mafia boss. We wish the Bad Man a very happy birthday and all the very best for this film and future projects.