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Happy Birthday, Ben Affleck!

Ben Affleck made his TV debut at the age of 12 with the TV series The Voyage of Mimi (1984). His movie debut though was made in 1981 in an uncredited role in The Dark End of the Street.  

We know his friendship with Matt Damon has proved to be lucrative for both their careers, but did you know that their friendship goes back to their childhood and has stayed strong through their struggling years and even through their individual success? His script and performance in Good Will Hunting along with Matt won them many Oscars and accolades along with the freedom to pick their own roles. 
Ben Affleck - BookMyShowHe has always chosen to do different roles across different genres and has been appreciated for them all except for a selected few (Daredevil). When he took up the mantle of playing the savior of Gotham, he met with much hate and criticism even before he started shooting. The audience was still reeling for the botched job in Daredevil and they didn’t trust him to do a fair job as Batman. Their fears were put to rest when Batman V Superman released. The movie might have disappointed the fans but Batman certainly did not. On his birthday, we give you seven reasons why Ben Affleck’s Batman is among the best.


He has the experience when it comes to handling the mantle of a superhero. We are not only talking about Daredevil but also the time he donned the Superman costume in the movie Hollywoodland. This experience also lends him the knowledge of all that can go wrong along with the wisdom of how to please the audience.

Fighting Style

The fighting style is very similar to the video games that have released in recent years, which makes it find favor with hardcore fans and is a welcome change from Christian Bale’s Batman that is unique in its own way.

Contingency Plans

Have you heard or used the phrase ‘Because he’s Batman’ while trying to explain certain impossible escapades of the Dark Knight? Well this Batman is one of them. We see him with contingency plans and we are sure his contingency plans are going to have contingency plans.

Ben Affleck - BookMyShowHandling Tortured Characters

We know the pain Bruce Wayne has gone through to make him the savior of Gotham. Someone with expertise in handling such a role was the need of the hour and with the accolades Ben Affleck received for Gone Girl, he was a natural choice and we know he has done justice to it.

Kevin Smith

We are not belittling Christopher Nolan when we say that Kevin Smith is the best mentor Ben Affleck could have got. There couldn’t have been a better one than Kevin though who knows the comic material down pat and he exactly knows what aspects of Batman Ben can emulate to portray the caped crusader on screen.

Ben Affleck - BookMyShowWorld’s Greatest Detective

Before being the savior of Gotham and the creator of Justice League, Batman began as the detective who kept crime off the streets of Gotham with his trusted aide Robin. The detective aspect was missing from the screen for sometime, which is again now noticeable and thus making Ben Affleck’s Batman unique.

A Team Man

Batman might not seem like a team player but he did create Justice League and Ben Affleck’s Batman complements the other members of the team, something we couldn’t imagine Bale’s Batman doing.
Here we end our list. Let us know why Ben Affleck is your favorite Batman in the comments below and don’t forget to wish him on his birthday.