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Happy Birthday, Cameron Diaz!

Very few actors have – without training – struck gold with their first movie. Cameron Diaz is a member of this elite list; she hasn’t looked back since her mega-hit movie debut in The Mask. She went through about 21 call-backs before she was cast for the role and only took acting training after she signed the movie. She had also joined the coveted league of actresses in the 20-million-dollar-club.. She is a lover of adventure sports and is not afraid to break a couple of bones along the way. Her love for adventure is also apparent when she picks her roles as she tries to do something different every time and hasn’t let us down yet. Here are five movies which show her versatility as an actress and her penchant for experimentation.
Charlie’s Angels

Cameron  Diaz - BookMyShow

Although The Mask was successful in launching her as an actress of substance, it was Charlie’s Angels which put her on the global map. Her action moves were appreciated, which also helped her get the role in the 2010 action flick Knight and Day. She has also stayed friends with her co-star Drew Barrymore and she was also bridesmaid at the latter’s wedding.

The Other Woman

Cameron  Diaz - BookMyShow

In this one, she plays a career-oriented lawyer you don’t want to cross. She represents all women who are passionate about their careers and motivates them to follow through with their dreams. 

Gangs of New York

Cameron  Diaz - BookMyShow

Another different role – she plays a pickpocket in the era of Civil War. The movie also starred Leonardo Di Caprio and Cameron considers this one of her best works.

Being John Malkovich

Cameron  Diaz - BookMyShow

She underwent a transformation in order to portray Lotte to the extent that even the crew did not recognize her when she appeared on the

sets. This complex movie with even more complex characters was critically acclaimed and Diaz’s performance was much appreciated.

Cameron  Diaz - BookMyShow

She has proved that her voice is magic, too. As Fiona, she has done an excellent job making us want to hear more of her and wish she would take up more voice characters.

Bad Teacher

Cameron  Diaz - BookMyShow

It is always fun to see a character go through a metamorphosis during the course of a movie and it takes a superb actor to portray that convincingly on screen. Cameron proved her mettle with her performance in this hilarious movie as the notoriously bad teacher who turns good.
We wish Cameron Diaz a very happy birthday and wish she has a successful year ahead.