In a career that spans over five decades, Hema Malini has appeared in over 150 films. She went from being rejected by a director for being too skinny to becoming a phenomenon. Our very own Dream Girl managed to do in the 70s what actresses still aspire to do today – she brought to life the age-old dream of producers of having a bankable female star. Some may believe that her fan following was the result of her unmatched beauty and grace. But it is also true that it was her prowess as a dancer that made her unforgettable. She danced her way into our hearts, truly!

On the actress' 68th birthday, let us take a quick look at five of her best dance moments from the movies:

Abhinetri (1970)

Duniya Ka Mela Mele Mein Ladki – Raja Jani (1972)

Haan Jab Tak Hain Jaan – Sholay (1975)

Sharafat- Sharafat Chod Di Maine (1976)

Mai Mastani Dil Jani – Taqdeer (1983)

We wish the veteran actress a very happy birthday!