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Happy Birthday, Hugh Jackman!

An actor who was unemployed for a total of 13 seconds and who got married to his first love is none other than Hugh Jackman. Known for his recurring role in the X-Men series, he is the only mutant to have gotten his own three-part origin story (until Deadpool came along). The Australian actor is all set to hang the claws forever after the movie Logan, which has increased the anticipation for the fans worldwide. He was first seen in the Australian TV series Correlli, a role that was offered to him mere 13 seconds after his final academy performance. The sets of Correlli was also the place where he met his wife Deborra-Lee Furness. He was also offered the role of James Bond before Daniel Craig was cast but he preferred to stick to one popular character at the time. Now that phase is at the end and even Daniel Craig is leaving the franchise, we hope Hugh takes up the part. Hugh Jackman also has a lot of talents up his sleeve, which he showcases from time to time. Wondering what they are? We have listed them down.


Having won a Tony for his performance in the Broadway musical, The Boy from Oz, it is no surprise that the man can sing. He has also sung the soundtrack for Les Misérables and also has a track in the movie Happy Feet.


Again due to his association with theatre, Hugh is also an excellent dancer and he is not shy to break into some moves. 


Hugh Jackman - BookMyShowWhen asked what his hidden talents are, the man had a simple reply – juggling. And he does it well.


Hugh Jackman - BookMyShowHe plays the piano, the violin, and the guitar. A solo tour from this actor is all we need now.


Hugh Jackman - BookMyShowAlong with all his talents, he is also an excellent actor. Not only he is the only superhero to have a recurring role in seven movies but he has also won the Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination for his role in Les Misérables. Once he stops playing Wolverine, there is a lot more we can look forward to from him.

We wish Hugh Jackman a very happy birthday. You can wish him at @RealHughJackman.