Today, on July 2, Margot Elise Robbie turns 26 and she has already seen her fair share of success. She was born in Australia to a farm-owning father and a psychiatrist mother. Raised on a farm in Gold Coast by her grandparents, she moved to Melbourne only much later in her life to start off with her acting career.

The Australian actress is best known for her role in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) for which she won the Empire Award for Best Female Newcomer. She has also starred in Suite Francaise (2014), Focus (2015) and Z for Zachariah (2015). It was in 2013 when she made her big screen debut in Richard Curtis’ romantic comedy-drama film About Time. Robbie started her career by appearing in Australian independent films in the late 2000s and was later cast in the soap opera Neighbours (2008–2011). This year is also a big one for her – with her portrayal of Jane Porter in the very recent action-adventure film The Legend of Tarzan and Harley Quinn in the superhero film Suicide Squad, which will release later this year.

This stunner shows no signs of slowing down. Her roles so far have shown her prowess as an actress – beauty, brains, she has it all. Here’s some interesting facts you may not have known about her:

She actually punched Leo in the face
This happened at her Wolf audition. While acting out the scene, she ignored the script and punched one of the finest faces of Hollywood (yes, her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face). The room went dead silent and she froze. Director Martin Scorsese found the incident hilarious, and Leo even told her to do it again. As we know, she got the part – that’s the power of one swing of her fist.
She’s not shy at all
In a scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where the door opens to her standing seductively in a robe, Robbie didn’t think it was a bold enough move. In order to make the character Naomi more realistic, she insisted on appearing nude instead. She said, "The whole point of Naomi is that her body is her only form of currency in this world. So when Martin was trying to help me out, and said in the scene where she seduces Jordan perhaps I could have a robe on, I said she wouldn’t. She has to be naked. She’s laying her cards on the table.”
She has a point. While her mother was okay with the scene, her grandparents might not have been, which is why they haven’t watched the film yet. Bonus fact: When Playboy wanted her posing similarly on the magazine, the actress denied. She said that she will only take all her clothes off for artistic purposes and feels no need to display her appealing figure on the cover of gentleman’s magazines. Respect!
Okay, a little shy
She got drunk before intimate scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street. When she did her first sex scene with Leo, she needed to relax a bit. She said: "I did three shots of tequila at like nine in the morning, right before doing it."
Divas, beware!
As mentioned earlier, she’s already making it big in Hollywood. So much so that she beat Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone to the part in The Legend of Tarzan; as well as Blake Lively, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Teresa Palmer and Amber Heard for the role in The Wolf of Wall Street.
She’s a tomboy with extreme diets
Robbie has revealed in interviews that she is actually a tomboy at heart and doesn’t like dressing up too much in a girly sort of way. She said, "I’m happiest when I’m surfing or out on the farm hunting wild pigs, building cubbies out in the paddocks or riding around on motorbikes". About her diet, she said, "I don’t have a very good diet. I love beer, fries, burgers, but if I have to get in a bikini then I eat carrot sticks for three days. I’m one extreme or the other."
She plays ice hockey
She not only supports the New York Rangers team but also plays right wing for a local amateur side. She said: "I play on a team but I’m definitely the worst on the team. I’m not so good at the ice skating part. The hockey is good, but the ice skating I need to work on."
She makes great footlongs
Before her debut, she used to work at Subway and admitted that she is a pro at making BLTs.

She’s a maggot
Her nickname is Maggot. She said: "It started when I was five and I detested it. By the time I was eight I realized it wasn’t going anywhere so I embraced it but when I moved to Melbourne people started calling me it and I hadn’t even told them it was my nickname."
Happy Birthday, Margot Robbie! Shine on.